Pyrite: Also known as Fool’s Gold – Stone Information

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Pyrite is a pale brass-yellow mineral made from iron sulfide. Also known as “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is the most abundant of all sulfide minerals.

Pyrite: A Brief History

Pyrite was most popular during the 16th and 17th centuries, and used as a source of ignition for firearms.

Today however, Pyrite is most commonly used for the production of sulphur dioxide for the paper industry.

Cost and Marketing of Pyrite

During the coronavirus pandemic, the global pyrite market was negatively affected. Many businesses were in lockdown or closed, causing a disruption in the value chain.

Luckily, pyrite is becoming more in demand for the use of electrical vehicles in European countries.

Metaphysical Properties and Symbolism of Pyrite

The main metaphysical purpose of Pyrite is protection. Pyrite reflects the energy of enthusiasm, confidence, and happiness. The gold-like stone is also connected to the Solar Plexus chakra; helping to increase self worth, self value, and expression.

Pyrite can be used in most forms of magick to increase manifestations and bring forth higher energies.