Moldavite: Gems from the sky

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Moldavite is a tektite type of gemstone; meaning it is glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during the impact of a meteorite. It is believed that moldavite was formed about 14.7 million years ago due to a meteor strike, in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

Some fragments of moldavite scattered as far as Austria, and even Germany.

Because Moldavite is a type of glass, it can be very delicate. This makes mining for moldavite very difficult and costly.

Today’s fair market price for moldavite can be between $8 – $15 a gram. If a stone is found with a flat, not chipped surface, the price can easily double or more.

Moldavite is considered a very high vibrational stone. It is sometimes known as “The stone of transformation”.

Many people who wear a piece report experiencing feeling a warmth sensation known as “moldavite flush”. Moldavite can metaphysically help with unblocking the heart and upper chakras, and can also assist in astral travel.