Iceland Spar

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Iceland Spar

Iceland Spar is a clear crystal that features a beautiful array of rainbow inclusions. While Iceland spar is a clear form of calcite, it is known by other names due to its unique feature. When light passes through this colorless crystal, it will be split into two separate directions. This is known as double refraction.

Clear Calcite: A Brief History

While the speculation of Iceland Spar being used as a navigation tool by sailors is questionable the crystal still has a definitive history in science. Iceland Spar was used to study polarization in the 1820’s. This crystal was the mineral William Nicol used to invent the Nicol’s prism. Which would go on to be used to study light, and even more importantly be featured on a really cool album cover.

Modern Uses of Iceland Spar:

Iceland Spar’s benefits did not stop at protentional navigation and prisms, however. Also known as optical calcite, Iceland Spar, has been used in many optical devices one of the most notable uses was gun sights during World War II.

Properties and Symbolism of Iceland Spar:

Iceland Spar is a stone of many names and many chakras!

Just like it’s clear appearance that scatters light, this stone provides clarity and works with all chakras.